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Dairy Products Do Not Promote Weight Loss

Despite all the stories suggesting that milk (and other dairy products) promotes weight loss. These claims are just that, claims. There is not sufficient scientific evidence to show that consuming milk and yogurt results in weight loss, according to a new study in Nutrition Reviews. It appears likely that the same people who include lots of dairy products in their diet also eat plenty of whole grains, fruits vegetables and eat little saturated fat and do not drink sugar-sweetened soft drinks. In other words, people who achieve a healthy weight so do by making healthy food choices in general.

diary foods

In actuality, there was greater evidence that plenty of dairy slows weight gain rather than promoting weight loss. This is good news for children. Encourage your child to eat enough calcium/vitamin D rich foods to meet their needs.

What’s the take-away message? While there are very good reasons to consume enough calcium and even more so, Vitamin D, it shouldn’t be with the expectation that you will loose weight. This should be good news for kids, moms, and anyone who is trying to eat right. Weight loss can only be achieved when more calories are used by the body than eaten.  Eat well and move more, if weight loss is the goal.

A note of caution: children shouldn’t be expected to loose weight while their bodies are busy growing. The better goal is to set up good eating habits and plenty of time to play, move and be active. For example, keep that TV off and go for a family walk.


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