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Write it Down, and You’ll Lose Twice as Much Weight

The simple act of keeping a food diary doubles the weight loss you can expect. It works because you create a visual snapshot of the types and amounts of foods you consumed that day. Tried and true, the daily diet record now has the proof of its remarkable effectiveness as weight management tool. People who keep a food record can expect to loose twice as much as those who do not write down what they eat, according to a study appearing in the August 2008 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The need for regular physical activity is also rated high on the list of must-dos for successful weight control.


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How to Manage the Halloween Candy Heap

Halloween means an autumn night filled with excited costumed children, running from house to house in a frenzied effort to gather as much candy as possible. Once home, you’re faced with a seemingly endless pile of sweets. Most of us admit to raiding our children’s candy stash, so the struggle is not just with the kids. Here are some ideas to reduce the headaches and unwelcome calories.

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