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Acai Berry Diet is Biggest Web-based Weight Loss Scam Ever

And the ‘Too Good To Be True Award’ goes to the Acai Berry Diet for promises of weight loss or your money back. Thousands of weight minded women have fallen for the deceptive claims and unscrupulous practices  that have left them financially hurting, but no thinner. At a press conference today, the Acai berry diet scam was compared to Bernie Madoff’s money tricks.

Individuals are drawn in by the fake endorsements of Oprah, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz and offers of a free trial. These web-based merchants use a legal maneuver called, Negative Option Marketing, which requires the consumer to opt out before getting the product. Once the credit card transaction is approved, monthly charges are automatically applied for shipments that cannot be stopped, and the credit card information is often shared with other merchants who similarly start shipping and automatically charging $80-90  monthly. With no bonafide customer service, the only way to cease monthly charges has been to cancel one’s  credit card.

Seriously, do not jeopardize your pocket book and your health based on false promises from a pill. For a more complete report on the press conference, go to  Acai Berry Diet is a Money Making Scam at


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Children Should Play Outside Daily

When children play outside, they are exposure to the natural elements, which stimulate their immune response, according to Mary Ruebush, PhD, an immunology specialist, and author of Why Dirt Is Good (Kaplan, 2009). She likens the body to an unprogrammed computer that awaits instruction. When new or unfamiliar microorganisms are introduced, the developing immune system learns to adapt to these intruders by building a memory to fight off future exposures. The lesson–send children out to play daily, and don’t fret if they kick off their shoes or dig for treasure. The more children interact with the environment, the more physically active they’ll be, and they’ll be boosting their health in many other positive ways, too.

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