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Use Common Sense with BPA-Avoid It!

The debate over bisphenol A (BPA) continues as a scientific regulatory board in California failed to list this chemical as a toxic substance, citing insufficient evidence, after reviewing the current research.
The Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee voted against adding BPA to Proposition 65 – a list of chemicals believed to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm; the list currently numbers 775 substances.
BPA is widely used to harden plastic food containers such as baby bottles, sippy cups, and in the lining of most metal cans. While the medical experts indicated concern over the growing body of scientific research linking BPA to fetal health abnormalities in animals, the data in humans remains slight. A similar process occurred with secondhand tobacco smoke in which solid evidence took time.
Yet, state legislatures are not waiting for enough clinical research and have been banning use of BPA in food containers. A decision is pending in the California Senate, which if passed, would join Minnesota and Connecticut, to ban the chemical. The city authorities in Chicago have already banned BPA in baby bottles, with Wisconsin also considering the same. Last year, Canada became the first country to outlaw its use in infant food and drink containers.
As a parent, it is worth the effort to avoid the use of any products containing BPA since any harm is irreversible, and the ability to minimize exposure is easy enough. Finding food containers and other products that are BPA-free represents one of those “better safe than sorry” scenarios.


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