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Food is one of life’s greatest joys yet, as Chef Jaime Oliver observes, we’ve reached this really sad point where we’ve turned food into the enemy, something to be afraid of. His answer is to start a Food Revolution simply by getting people to cook again. Knowing how to cook means you can turn fresh ingredients into meals when they’re in season, at their best, and cheapest. And in cooking with fresh ingredients, you’ll naturally start to find a sensible balance.

Jamie believes this is one way to make the world a better place, and to achieve this he is sharing the knowledge necessary to encourage all of us to enjoy good food.

  • Step 1:   Restore cooking skills in the home. Without these skills, people have no choice but to eat fast food and processed meals. Parents need to know how to feed their families, and we must replace the cheap processed food in schools that is undermining our children’s education and health. Much of the chronic diseases are preventable. Jaime’s goal is to get us to “fall in love with real food again”.
  • Step 2:  Since we know that what we eat affects our mood, behavior, health, growth, and even our ability to concentrate and learn, school lunches should do more than just fill kids up, it should nourish them so that they can perform at their best and feel great.Get your school district to make the necessary changes to school meals so that fresh, delicious meals can be served and enjoyed by your kids. 

“This Food Revolution is about changing the way we eat. We need to start cooking again,to make sure our children don’t grow up on a diet of processed food, at school or at home, and so they won’t have to battle obesity and diet-related illnesses when they grow up. Cooking is one of the most important skills a person can have and it has been proven that families who cook together eat better. A small change in your kitchen in could save the life of someone you love. America needs to do something now, before it’s too late.” — Jamie Oliver

To see how Jaime Oliver approaches changes in a series about food – how families eat, what kids get at school and why. Jamie went to Huntington, WV to get a whole community cooking again. He worked with the school lunch ladies and local families to get everyone back in the kitchen and making tasty meals with fresh ingredients – nothing processes. His goal is to get people all over America to reconnect with their food and change the way they eat.

You can join this movement– if you care about your kids and their future take this revolution and make it your own. Switching from processed to fresh food will not only make you feel better but you’ll be assured a longer, higher quality of life.   Sign the petition to save America’s cooking skills and improve school food.  Join the Food Revolution community on Facebook.


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