Speaking Engagements

Bradford Elementary School. “Start the School Day with A Healthy Breakfast”. December 16, 2010.

East Orange High School.“What’s on Your Plate?” PowerPoint presentation to 150 high schoolers for the Alliance for Healthier Schools, sponsored by the American Heart Association.March 2008.

Curves/Montclair NJ. “Making your Diet Fit, too”. Small group discussion about obstacles and solutions to help participants get closer to their goal.


Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Challenge: New Jersey Winner. Sponsored by the Produce for Better Health Foundation.


    Lunchbox Features in Childhood Obesity

The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide: Fresh ideas for Making Wholesome, Earth-Friendly Lunches Your Kids will Love. (T. Morning Run Press); Content Editor) 2002.

Meydani M,Meisler JG.A closer look at vitamin E:Can this antioxidant prevent chronic disease?Postgrad Med. 1997; 102(2):199-207.

Manual of Pediatric Clinical Dietetics. American Dietetic Assn. 1997.

Proceedings on the American Health Foundation Roundtable on Healthy Weight.Meisler, JG, St. Jeor, S., Shapiro, A., Wynder, EL.Am J Clin Nutr 1996; 63(3)S:409S-477S.

On Your Way to Fitness On Your Way To Fitness:A practical guide to achieving and maintaining healthy weight and physical fitness. C. Everett Koop Foundation.1995.

The PDR Family Guide to Nutrition and Health; Tips for Tofu. Medical Economics. 1995.

National Weight Control Resource Directory. Publ: Society for NutritionEducation, American Dietetic Association, HHS/Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, 1988.


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